Integrated healing for the mind, body and soul.

Carolyn Muldoon, medical intuitive and master clairvoyant, will present a talk for Earth Light Institute’s Spiritual Health Series on Sunday July 17th @ 5pm.
She will discuss the Illumination Counseling Process.

The Illumination Counseling Process is one that helps each individual come to a deeper understanding their true essence, creating inner balance and harmony.  The process is guided entirely by one’s soul, as each soul knows best what areas to work on at a given time.

Through the guided illumination counseling, an individual is supported as they are drawn toward blockages to be activated for release.  Once a blockage is identified and accessed assignments or homework are given to bring about a state of emotional activation. This is a holistic process that works with the entire human energy system, with the intention to clear physical as well as emotional imbalances.  Once the energy of a blockage is fully activated in the system it is transformed through the use of color, sound or symbols.  This allows for complete transformation of emotional and mental patterns, allowing the energy of a pattern to re-pattern itself into harmony with one’s true essence.

To learn more about her school and center please look at her website:

* This event will be held at
Hill Park’s Ocean Within Healing Arts Center
616A Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952
To Join us please email us at:

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