Integrated healing for the mind, body and soul.

Nature as Mirror: Shamanism and the Wheel of Nature
With Jan Edl Stein, MFT

This workshop explores the internal landscape of psyche to discover its mirror in nature. It offers an eco-psychological exploration of the reciprocity of nature and psyche and an example of using the natural elemental wheel to heal and restore balance. With a deep meditation followed by shamanic journey we will explore the mirror of nature and the elements in the internal landscape of psyche. It is guided with the use of voice, tonal soundings and drum.

About the Speaker:
Jan Edl Stein, MFT, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for over 24 years in San Francisco & Marin. She is the director of Holos Institute, ( a non-profit counseling center dedicated to ecopsychology. She has a deep interest in the healing power of spiritual practice and the importance of relationship to the nature.

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Comments on: "Wednesday, October 26: Jan Edl Stein, MFT @ Hill Park" (2)

  1. Here is descriptions of my experience with Jan Edl Stein’s guided shamanic journey.
    Participating in Jan’s guided shamanic journey was a breath of inspiration, and was for me profoundly moving, connecting and transformative.

    The women’s spiritual health circle along with other members of our community gathered to look deeper into our psyches and into our connection with spiritual dimensions of nature.

    Jan invited us to create an intention for healing, balance and well being for ourselves.

    Jan initially guided us to recall a memory of a moment in nature where we felt alive and at peace. We were then guided to the Wheel of Nature where each direction, East, South, West and North illuminated a vital life element – air, heat/fire, water, earth. We were able to see the gifts resonating in the elements as a reflection of our deepest nature: a mirror of our soul life force. It seemed the more we traveled into the world of nature the more we connected to deeper elements of our inner world of the self.

    From the Wheel of Nature we were guided to the underworld to contact, commune and connect to guidance from the spiritual world of animals.
    I was eagerly guided by a lively dolphin through the sea where I met a shark, a whale and wild octopus. The octopus brought me to the light of this vision. There I became the full spectrum of the healing consciousness or Ray of color. I was the consciousness of color and the collective ray of color energies were balancing and bringing my spiritual body into harmony with my physical and emotional body. I felt alive and vital.
    I realized as a holistic psychologist I bring the healing energy of color to help balance and transform mental and emotional suffering.

    I also touched on in the next portion of my journey on the common experience of women who have wisdom but who do not feel heard or seen. I saw myself screaming into the universe and it seemed no one was listening to me. I then flashed to a still silence and all life around me became still in time. I realized in that sacred moment that I was the universe. I was the people and the earth and the animals and we were one – in love.

    I realized I was the receiver of my wisdom and the creative voice which expresses the essence of wisdom within.
    I was the expressive song of the uni-verse.

    I am deeply grateful to our journey leader Jan and to the support love and compassion of the women’s spiritual health circle and to all who traveled to deeper dimensions of our relationship to the nature of life that creates us.

  2. As an adult, I came to feel that my life was unstable and precarious.  Detached from a sense of life’s progression and natural unfolding, my life felt chaotic and unmanageable.  That is when I started seeing Melissa Dubin privately and participating in the Women’s Spiritual Health Circle each week.  

    I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Jan Edl Stein’s guided shamanic journey event and the Wheel of Nature.  It was a profound experience that was transformative and powerful for me to explore the mirror of nature and the elements of my internal psyche.  Jan’s guided imagery brought me to look deeper into my inner self and I was able to no longer distract myself by the busy-ness going on in my life.  Connecting to deeper spiritual dimensions through the guidance of animal spirits led me to realize a deeper flow and natural elemental  wheel showed me that I could heal myself and restore balance.  I often had felt only the rapids in my life journey, but this meditation and guided imagery led me through nurturing waters. 
     I give thanks to the journey leader, Jan Edl Stein, Melissa Dubin and the Women’s Spiritual Health Circle for helping me to feel grounded in the deep soil of my spiritual life.  I feel confident that I have strong and self-nurturing roots which gives me sustenance and support.  This experience allowed me to become more connected to the seasons and cycles of life and the great wheel of nature that sustains us all.

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