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Movie Night Notes April 1st, 2012
A beautiful night it was at the Hill Park Healing Center last night! The community gathered together to ponder and eventually come up with some answer of the two questions that director Tom Shadyac addresses in the eye-opening documentary, “I AM”: What is wrong with our world? What can we do to make it better?
Melissa began the night asking the question “what is spiritual health?” Some folks in the audience came up with a few ideas: the ability to go deep within, operating on a daily basis from a more authentic heart-centered self, doing things that please your heart, connecting with people in a genuine way, having a sense of giving to the world, practicing chi gong, opening sharing and giving from your heart, knowing “I am God” in the human body, what you think and how you feel determines your life, and holding yourself responsible for your life.
We then were led into a guided meditation with an emphasis in looking into “who am I?” In this meditation, we were led through a state to connect with our mind, body, and spirit while focusing on our heart. Participants from the meditation- sharing your experience with us is greatly appreciated!
Tom Shadyac’s life-threatening accident helped him realize that his life was a lie, reality wasn’t as it seemed. He traveled the world asking the two questions about our world. Is there a problem that causes all the other problems? We are running our society as if we are machines or pieces of a machine, which in turn creates a business environment filled with seperation, challenging, and needing to be significant from others. We are thought of to be wired to compete and win; your job in life is not to be a citizen but a consumer. Greed has overcome our beings and has effected our world more than imaginable. After observing various animals, Shadyac comes to the conclusion that the basis of nature is cooperation and democracy- it’s in our DNA.
Throughout his life, Shadyac has been consistently told that it is a utopian way of thinking to see society filled with compassion and love. He questions whether they have it wrong, still hanging onto the idea that we can live within peace.
Some quotes from the documentary:
“We are because we belong.”
“Everything is connected- all the time.”
“You create your own reality.”
“Change your perception- the world changes.”
Any questions, ideas, and comments are encouraged as we love to get some feedback from our event. What particularly struck your attention? Do you have feelings similar to Shadyac in terms of what our society is and its potential?

I am. You are. We are.


Comments on: "Movie Night Notes April 1st, 2012 A beau" (1)

  1. jessiekittilsen said:

    What an amazing night. An incredible and deeply inspiring movie and a beautiful recap of the night. Thank You!

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