Integrated healing for the mind, body and soul.

Dear Melissa:

My question would be:  If you are experiencing anxiety where symptoms
can be very physiological, how is it best to integrate a spiritual
approach to working with these particular emotions/feelings and how do
you connect with the fear that the anxiety originates from?

Thanks, Love JK


Dear JK,

Thanks so much for your wonderful question.  This is a very relevant question for our culture and our times.


Let’s begin by looking at the anatomy of an EMOTION.

When you really think about it where are your emotions? And what are your emotions?
If we asked where your liver or your heart, or hair is we could be pretty sure of a particular location and function for that matter.  But when it comes to emotions it is not that clear where there are or what they are.

Part of the orientation and teachings of Earth Light is to bring a holistic awareness to all aspects of selves, our health and our lives.  Holistic means that each aspect of our being is comprised of body, mind, and spirit.  And that each aspect of our being is part of a larger whole and is being created and sustained and contained within a greater life force.  We are Earth and we are Light, united by the mind.

So an emotion has physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions and is part of a larger field of feeling.
An E-motion can be thought of as energy in motion.  In order to feel an emotion we need to have energy, which comes from a larger source of energy, the energy has to move in a particular patterned way, and is moved by the mind, and in order to feel in the way we do we need the chemical and electrical aspects of our bodies.  Emotions are also deeply intertwined with beliefs (which are forms of spiritual energy as well.)

A feeling is the the physical sensation of energy in motion. Certain patterns or flows of energy (e-motions) we call certain feelings.  The energy itself again comes from a larger spiritual source and is formed into vibrations, those vibrations become alive in the organs, giving rise to feelings. The energy of the emotion actually has vibrations of sound, color, and symbols.  If you listen very carefully you can hear the song of your anxiety, or any feeling.

So anxiety is a blend of movement of energy and physical chemicals flowing in our bodies as the feeling of anxiety, combined with beliefs. Anxiety is interesting because it seems to be a composit of many feelings.  It is often a signal feeling, which signals that we have a  lot of other feelings inside.  It can also be sign that we are controlling our feelings and not really allowing them to flow freely and be expressed or digested.
Sometimes anxiety is the experience of having more energy and an increase of new information in your system.

If you listen deeply to your anxiety with your heart you will begin to hear it’s song, see it’s color, and hear it’s message to you.  It is an expression of your experience of some aspect of your life or some belief you hold about yourself or reality.  All emotions have information to share with you about how you are experiencing life.  Emotions are your response to what is going on in your life or are responses to beliefs you hold about who you are. As you listen to your anxiety and let yourself feel it, eventually you will feel vibrations of fear and there may be other feelings there as well.

Emotions also contain a full spectrum of possible feelings. So for example we may feel sadness but sadness is actually on a continuum from degrees of sadness to degrees of compassion.  We focus on the sadness but the compassion is there too in the flow and is the flip side of compassion.  We cannot really separate them but in the mind, where it appears to be an isolated feeling.


So that is an explanation of what a feeling is, now let’s look at how to heal feelings from a spiritual perspective.

Very simply if you understand your feelings as originating from energy – that energy comes from spirit.  It originates from a spiritual or divine or godly source of life.  Our minds take that energy and form into emotional forms and thought forms and have an experience of a feelings. Challenging feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness, anger all originate from a spiritual energy.  The quality of that original energy can be thought of as love, compassion, and forgiveness. That is our original song or the primary essence of your being.  You are a unique expression of love, compassion, and forgiveness.  Fear is simply a constriction from your larger expression of love and it is learned.

When we have experiences of loss, trauma, judgement from others, separation, abandonment we begin to feel separate from our essence and our emotions are the felt experience of those interactions.  Somebody dies, somebody leaves us, somebody yells at us, or judges us and we start to feel separate, disconnected from that spiritual source of our energy – and that is what fear is, a disconnection from our life force, including a disconnect from feelings.  We are then out of harmony with our essence and feel that as our emotional states.  Emotions were, however, meant to be just that – a flowing of energy in motion and not an identity.  If the feeling is, thus not felt and held onto and then a belief structure gets formed around it (“I am alone and not good enough and can’t make others feel better”, for example) when get stuck in patterns of feelings, such as anxious states you may have been feeling.

Deepok Chopra once said that all feelings begin and end in love.
The key to healing all feelings is to feel them, listen to them, and let them flow to love, to their source.  If we allow our awareness of them to be larger than them, we can love them, respond to them in helpful ways, and we can transform them. The part of you that is aware is at one with your essence and at one with the source of life essence, so it has access to deeply loving, creative, healing, wise and connective energy, which has the power to heal your feelings. The more you can love your feelings the more you can feel your fear or sense of separation because you are welcoming it to flow and return to love.

Try this right now: from your heart felt awareness (which is not your feelings, or thoughts but is a part that is aware of your feelings) place your fear and anxiety in a field of love.  Just let them be felt and vibrate in that loving field.  Place your heartfelt intention in that field to be at peace.

And then watch what happens, yield and allow the field of consciousness to trans-form your feelings back into harmony with our spirit.  So back into harmony with love, compassion, and forgiveness.  If you simply allow feelings in a field of compassion they will start to vibrate in harmony with your song of life and become part of the whole.  Watch what happens then……

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